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The blinding white background of Outlook is causing trouble with some of my end users. The options in Outlook only change parts of the window, but the message list and preview pane are still bright white. In my own research, I have found that when the Windows theme is changed to High Contrast Black, it changes Outlook as well.

I have tried to isolate the registry settings that affect this change, but have only been successful in changing the “window” color, which still leaves the message list as white, no matter what color I change the window color to, it only changes the preview pane. So, to spare millions of Outlook users from the headache of bright white message lists, who can identify what changing the theme to High Contrast Black does that directly affects Outlook’s Message list color so Outlook users can enjoy it without the headache?

I have used registry monitoring tools to attempt to identify a registry change that does it, but it doesn’t stick out. We’ve encountered a lot of the Office display issue recently. Please firstly update your display adapther to the latest version to have a try.

If you have any feedback on our support, please contact tnmff microsoft. This color is hard coded in outlook and there is no way to change this color.

We have received many requests with regards to the same and Microsoft PG is aware of the same. However we do not have any information regarding if this would be changed or not.

Don’t Retire TechNet. IMHO, the company cares more about an image it is trying to project, led by little geeks that think gray is a wonderful color for a computer and bright white is oh so keen and nifty.

It doesn’t matter to the little geeks that our eyes are taking a royal beating. Me, I want to add white to the background color choice in calendar view so my daily calendars aren’t shaded. Every prior version of Outlook was able to print plain white on a daily page. Now I’m stuck with the lightes shade of a color wheel the doesn’t include white. That shading shows up when I print and when I scan or copy my daily calendar.

My outlook now looks like it was created by a hack back in the 90’s, but at least that horrible grey is gone. We need more options, because for what I use Office for I’ve come to realise, there really isn’t any choices for us Exchange Users.

I don’t understand why in this century Microsoft doesn’t release products with full color configurability. Apart from that I have an idea for those who cannot handle the white background in Office.

Albeit a poor solution it can work: Install a second screen and dim it. Drag all Office programs to that screen and use the other for “normal” work. Agreed – The contrast in office is horrendous. How do people at Microsoft accept such awful design changes as good ideas? Even the High Contrast theme offers minimal contrast.

Researching this issue for a coworker who has vision problems, I came across this link. The only workable way to make this disgusting interface have enough contrast is to go into one of Windows High Contrast monitor modes , as the original poster noted. Playing around with that, I found a way that might help some users. These color changes affect Outlook Unfortunately, they affect every app, even ones that have nice interfaces. So while it can make Outlook’s interface usable, it may negatively impact other applications.

Tried to upload an image, but my account needs to be “verified” first, whatever that means. I’ve “confirmed” my email address; guess that’s enough. Hey guys, This is Vishal from great land India. Hope it works for you guys as well. After you set your theme click on Ok. Now just click on ‘New Email’ you can see that boring white background disappears. It worked for me. Here we are in and Microsoft has done nothing to address this accessibility and usability issue. Why would Microsoft’s accessibility and usability teams accept the extremely limited option of blinding white and two shades of gray?

I sit in front of my computer for hours, working in Outlook, Word, Excel, and have to dim my display to try to curb eye strain when using these apps. Everything else I use gives me the option of a color scheme more eye friendly than this Office mess As an IT professional who has to support over people, I am making it very clear to my staff and coworkers that this is a limitation with no acceptable solution and that Microsoft has done nothing to address this issue in over two years.

As we have Volume Licensing with SA, we have the option of sticking with , and most do. I agree with the vast majority of people here with the monstrosity colour scheme that is Office I spend 10 hours a day using Microsoft products, and have resisted using , even though I have it installed. For years, Microsoft have been giving us the flexibility to change options, colours, icons etc to suit various needs. Now it seems some Apple people have migrated into the MS camp and enforcing the ‘one size fits all’ policy that Apple adopt.

To add further insult by dictating the stupid colour schemes that everyone must conform to, they also change the icons. After years of improving the quality and colours from 16bit, to millions, they take a 15 year step backwards and just give us flat icons. Why not make it optional????? MS had to back down big time with Windows, when they gave us the ridiculous one-size-fits-all Windows 8, and then backpeddled with 8.

This after adamantly insisting the start button would never come back. I took a look at Windows 10, and it doesnt seem much better. The tile platform and desktop should be two seperate product lines. MS were able to do that with all of their previous products by giving a enterprise, developer, standard etc etc – so why not now? At least make it optional on installation. They will continue to lose sales with this unconfigurable crap they insist on rolling out. How many professional businesses have adopted Windows 8?

None that I know – because Windows 8 like the rest of the products tries to force you to start using the products in a totally alien way to the ones you have come to learn in the last 15 years. Its a bit like taking the steering wheel away in your car and asking people to steer with the accelerator and gear stick.

Non the less, it can be changed if you know which library to edit, look around Google and you’ll find it. I completely understand what you are going through and what you have tried to fix it. All of them are horrible and cause severe eye strain.

I have two solutions, one of which is a step back in time a good 30 years, and the other is a semi-workaround. It’s embarrassing that Microsoft would have so horribly failed a basic feature such as this. My employer recently upgraded to O and for the first few days I went home with killer migraine headaches. I finally figured out it was the glare from the look of the new software applications. Really, Microsoft, you should be ashamed of yourselves! I am tempted to send you the bill for the pricy migraine medication refill that I needed because of your poorly designed software!

But finally about a year ago I had enough and switched over all Apple products for my personal use. I absolutely detest Microsoft but am forced to use it at work, although I do have a request in to replace my PC with a Mac when we do a hardware refresh in the next few months. Sadly, Microsoft continues to blindside its customers, literally in this particular case. Perhaps the ADA-related complaints and lawsuits will become a large enough liability for them to fix this issue sooner rather than later.

The topic of background color options in Microsoft Office , or more appropriately the lack thereof, has been an ongoing end user concern for 2 years. I am befuddled by Microsoft’s pat answers and overall lack of concern over this. I would have expected an upgrade or patch by now! Unfortunately, I recently had a hard drive failure requiring a Windows system recovery.

While awaiting the warranty repair, I was “forced” to us a Mac with Outlook for Mac installed. The colors and contrast are awesome on the Mac.

It was really difficult to go back to the Windows version on my Windows PC. So, here is yet another request to fix what has been a real issue for many.

Make no mistake about this design decision. Microsoft on with the rest of the cloud backers is loosing the campaign to get people to embrace the cloud voluntarily and so they’ve switched tactics so as to forcibly move users to the cloud via stealth and deception. Outlooks color scheme change is part of this covert cloud move.

Unless you’re a lawyer who reads and understood those changes made to use agreements you’ll have no idea that you’ve been moved to the cloud. It’s been almost ten years since Microsoft’s own programs notably, MS Office began to disregard Control Panel settings gray and white, yuck , and for years now Microsoft has been slowly removing color and font configuration options from the Control Panel itself.

I’ve always used “Windows Classic” instead of Aero due to Aero’s lack of configuration options and the inability to remove all distracting animations. Even under “Windows Classic”, options have been reduced. I’m still using Windows 7 for the moment until I see how many drivers are discontinued in Windows 10 for example, the Microsoft Intellimouse series is already discontinued, and I have an older DesignJet printer. I used to set the Window “font size” separately, but for the last year or more it was a secret update, so I don’t know exactly when , the Windows font size has become tied to the “display percentage”.

Hasn’t Microsoft or somebody released add-ins for Microsoft Office themes? Is there not one person that works at Microsoft that has low vision?

Ask around the Accessibility department. Just ask “Who has a headache? With the lack of personalized settings built into Office I’m beginning to think Microsoft farmed the programming out to Apple.