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Last, Philip J. Pratt, Susan L. Subhajit Panda. A short summary of this paper. Freund Corinne L. Hoisington Mary Z. Last Philip J. Pratt Susan L. Sebok Misty E. No part of this work covered by the copyright herein Mary Z. Sebok, may узнать больше reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, except as Misty E. Vermaat permitted /7915.txt U. As Microsoft continu- Senior Director, Development: Marah ally updates Office and Officeyour software experience may vary Bellegarde slightly from what is seen in the printed text.

Additional information for Mac users is included with the data Newsom files for this product. Cengage Learning is a leading provider of customized learning solutions with Vice President, Marketing: Brian Joyner employees residing in nearly 40 different countries and sales in more than countries around the world. Find перейти на источник local representative at www. Marketing Director: Michele McTighe com.

To learn more microsoft office 2016 introductory pdf free download Cengage Learning, visit www. Hunter is adding interactive videos and screen recordings to his PowerPoint resume. Introduction activate 7 professional crack key free OneNote In this Introduction to Sway OneNote captures your ideas and schoolwork on any device sketches, webpages, photos, so microsoft office 2016 introductory pdf free download can stay organized, share notes, and work with others on projects.

Whether you videos, and notes in one place. Type on a page Personalize a page Write or draw to add a note, a with a template, or directly on the small window stationery. Pages can include pictures such as Attach files and screen clippings, enter equations images from any part so you have of a computer screen.

Creating microsoft office 2016 introductory pdf free download OneNote Notebook OneNote is divided into sections similar to those in a spiral-bound notebook. Each OneNote notebook contains sections, pages, and other notebooks. You can use One- Note for school, business, and personal projects. Store information for each type of project in different notebooks to keep your tasks separate, or use any other organiza- tion that suits you.

OneNote is flexible enough to adapt to the way you want to work. When you create a notebook, it contains a blank page with a plain white background Learn to use OneNote!

Start typing or use the buttons featuring videos with hands-on on the Insert tab to insert microsoft office 2016 introductory pdf free download, which are small resizable windows that can contain instructions, are located on text, equations, tables, on-screen writing, images, audio and video microsoft office 2016 introductory pdf free download, to-do www. Add as many notes as you need to each page. Syncing a Notebook to the Cloud OneNote saves your notes every time you make a change in a notebook.

To make sure you can access your notebooks 13 vegas 64 1tr bits serial free sony download pro a laptop, tablet, or smartphone wherever you are, OneNote uses cloud-based storage, such as OneDrive or SharePoint. If you have a Microsoft account, OneNote saves your notes on OneDrive auto- matically for all your mobile devices and computers, which is called syncing. To use a notebook stored on your com- puter with your OneNote Mobile app, move the notebook to OneDrive.

You can quickly share notebook content with other people using OneDrive. Beyond sim- ple typed notes, OneNote stores drawings, converts handwriting to searchable text and On the Job Now mathematical sketches to equations, and records audio and video.

OneNote is ideal for taking notes OneNote includes drawing tools that let you sketch freehand drawings such as bio- during meetings, whether you are logical cell diagrams and financial supply-and-demand charts.

As shown in Figure 3, the recording minutes, documenting Draw tab on the microsoft office 2016 introductory pdf free download provides these drawing tools along with shapes so you can insert a discussion, sketching product diagrams and other illustrations to represent your ideas. When you draw on a page, One- diagrams, or listing follow-up Note creates a drawing canvas, which is a container for shapes and lines. Use a meeting template to add pages with content appropriate for meetings.

Insert rectangles Lines and shapes are and lines from the in the Shapes group. Shapes group. Make drawings using pens in Insert text the Tools group. Converting Handwriting to Text When you use a pen tool to write посетить страницу a notebook page, the text you enter is called inked handwriting. OneNote can convert inked handwriting to typed text when you use the Ink to Text button in the Convert group on the Draw tab, as shown in Figure 4.

After OneNote converts the handwriting to text, you can use the Search box to find terms in the converted text microsoft office 2016 introductory pdf free download any other note in your notebooks. When you record storm ongoing work projects. You can control the start, pause, and tect some or all of the notebook stop motions of the recording when you play back the recording of your notes.

Links to companion Sways, 1: Taking Notes for a Week featuring videos with hands-on As a student, you can get organized by using OneNote to take detailed notes in your instructions, are located on classes. Perform the following tasks: www.

Create a new OneNote notebook on your Microsoft OneDrive account the default location for new notebooks. Create four section microsoft office 2016 introductory pdf free download, each with a different class name. Take detailed notes in those classes for one week. Be sure to include notes, drawings, and other types of content. Sync your notes with your OneDrive. Submit your assignment in the format specified by your instructor. Use OneNote to organize microsoft office 2016 introductory pdf free download research.

Perform the following tasks: a. Name the notebook Success Research. On the web, research the topics and find three sources for each section. Copy a sentence from each source and paste the sentence into the appropriate section. When you paste the sentence, OneNote inserts it in a note with a link to the source. Consider an occupation that interests you. Using OneNote, examine the responsibilities, education requirements, potential salary, and employment outlook of a specific career.

Name the notebook with your first name followed by a career title, such as Kara – App Developer. Research the responsibilities of your career path. Using OneNote, record a short video approximately 30 seconds of yourself explaining the responsibilities of your career path. Place the video in the Responsibilities section.

On the web, research the educational requirements for your career path and find two appropriate sources. Copy a para- graph from each source and paste them into the appropriate section. When you paste a paragraph, OneNote inserts it in a note with a link to the source. Research the median salary for a single year for this career. Create a mathematical equation in the Median Salary section that multiplies the /6166.txt of the median salary times 20 years to calculate how much you will possibly earn.

For the Employment Outlook section, research the outlook for your career path. Take at least four notes продолжение здесь what you find when researching the topic.

Microsoft Sway gives you another way to engage an audience. Twitter directly to your Sway Using Sway, you can combine text, images, videos, and social media in a website presentation. A Sway site organizes the text, images, and video into a responsive and save presentations as design, which means your content adapts perfectly to any screen size as shown in webpages.

Figure 6. You store a Sway site in the cloud on OneDrive using a free Microsoft account. Creating a Sway Presentation Learn to use Sway!

You can use Sway to build a digital flyer, a club newsletter, a vacation blog, an informa- Links to companion Sways, tional site, a digital art portfolio, or a new product rollout. After you select your topic featuring videos with hands-on and sign into Sway with your Microsoft account, a Storyline opens, providing tools instructions, are located on and a work area for composing your digital story.

See Figure 7. Each story can include www. You create a Sway by adding text and media content into a Storyline section, or card.


Microsoft office 2016 introductory pdf free download.Microsoft Office & Office Introductory Pdf Free Download – College Learners


Microsoft Access Module Two: Querying a Database A Guide to this Instructors Manual: We have designed this Instructors Manual to supplement and enhance your teaching experience through classroom activities and a cohesive module summary.

This document is organized chronologically, using the same heading in red that you see in the textbook. Pay special attention to teaching tips, and activities geared towards quizzing your students, enhancing their critical thinking skills, and encouraging experimentation within the software. In addition to this Instructors Manual, our Instructors Resources also contain PowerPoint Presentations, Test Banks, and other supplements to aid in your teaching experience.

Objectives Students will have mastered the material in Module Two when they can: Create queries using Design View Create a report and a form from a query Include fields in the design grid Export data from a query to another Use text and numeric data in criteria application Save a query and use the saved query Perform calculations and calculate statistics Create and use parameter queries in queries Use compound criteria in queries Create crosstab queries Sort data in queries Customize the Navigation Panel Join tables in queries.

All Rights Reserved. May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part, except for use as permitted in a license distributed with a certain product or service or otherwise on a password-protected website for classroom use.

Access Instructors Manual Page 2 of When they access the online catalog at the library, they also are querying a database. Querying is one of the main benefits of creating a database. Users want to be able to find answers quickly to questions concerning the data. Quick Quiz: 1 What is a query? Answer: a question presented in a way that Access can process. To do this, start Access and open the database from the appropriate folder. Then, start your slide show containing the figures for the project.

You can use the Figures in the Book to show the steps students should follow. If students need additional reinforcement or ask questions about the task, you can switch to Access to do a live demonstration.

Class Discussion: Ask students for sample questions that might be asked of a student database. Access Instructors Manual Page 3 of This makes it easier to track student project completion electronically. Use Figure to point out the field row and the criteria row in the design grid.

A query can be a subset of the records in a table, a subset of the fields in a table, or a subset of both records and fields. The order of the fields also can be changed. Query-by- Example is a query manipulation language for relational databases in which users indicate the action to be taken by completing on-screen forms. Access Instructors Manual Page 4 of Students should understand that although the answer displays in Datasheet view, no table exists. It is a dynamic or virtual set of records.

When a query design is saved, only the design is saved not the answer. Query results, therefore, always show the most current data. When a criterion is entered in a query, the criterion is an example of the expected result.

Entering criterion in a query is similar to entering an authors name in a search of a library card catalog or an electronic library database. The asterisk and question mark wildcards are the same wildcards that are used with the search features in Windows and other Microsoft applications. Access automatically adds the LIKE operator and quotation marks to criteria that use wildcards. Comparison operators are used with both numeric and text data. You can use either the View button or the Run button to view query results.

Assign a Project: Have students research QBE, an early language for creating queries and then share the results of their research with the class. Class Discussion: Design a truth table on the board and fill in the values with the students. Ask students for other uses of a truth table. Critical Thinking: Querying means asking questions. What kind of questions do you ask in a typical day? Would a database be able to answer those questions? Critical Thinking: Your school library has many databases that you can search.

What do you need to know before you search those databases? Answer: That the value in the field must start with M followed by any collection of characters 2 If M? Answer: That the value in the field must start with M followed by any single character 3 What is the purpose of the Show check box in the design grid?

Answer: The Show check box indicates whether a field is displayed in the result. A check mark in the check box indicates that. Access Instructors Manual Page 5 of If there is no check mark, a field will not appear in the results. Have students use Access Help to find other wildcards that can be used in queries.

AC Sorting LECTURE NOTES Define sort, sort key, major key, primary sort key, minor key, secondary sort key Discuss the reasons for sorting records Use Figure to illustrate clearing the design grid Use Figures through to illustrate sorting data in a query Define property sheet and use Figures through to illustrate omitting duplicates Use Figures and to illustrate sorting on multiple keys Define top-values query and use Figures and to illustrate creating a top-values query.

Emphasize that the major key must be to the left of the minor key. Mention that it is not possible to sort on an asterisk. To sort a query that includes an asterisk, add the individual fields that must be sorted to the design grid and remove the check mark from the Show check box.

If students right-click a field and a property sheet other than the Query Properties sheet appears, it probably is because they did not right-click in the second field of the grid. Close the sheet that appears, and position the mouse in the second field of the grid. Students often have problems sorting on multiple keys because they do not understand the phrasing of sort questions.

For example, in the phrase city within state, the major sort key is state, which follows the word within. In this type of query, however, it is usual to display the city field before the state field. To display city before state but sort by city within state, add the state field again to the design grid and remove the check mark from the first state field major sort key.

The Access Help system provides additional information on the procedure. It is very important that students either close a query or reset the value in the Return box to All after they complete a top-values query. Otherwise, the next query they create may have incorrect results. Critical Thinking: Sorting means ordering records in a particular way. When would it be useful to sort data in ascending order? When would it be useful to sort data in descending order? Access Instructors Manual Page 6 of One of the key features of relational database management systems is the ability to join tables on matching fields.

There are two primary reasons why Access would not add a join line between two related tables: 1 the fields do not have matching names or 2 the data type and data length are not identical on both fields. If fields are identical but do not have matching names, students should click the appropriate field in one of the tables and drag a join line to the matching field in the other table.

If the fields do not have identical data types and data length, students should open the table that is in error in Design view, correct the problem, and then create the query.

If students do not correct the error now, they will be unable to create the relationship between the Account Manager and Account tables in Module 3. The specific type of join shown in this module option 2 is a right outer join because all the records in the one table in the relationship will display.

Changing the join type to option 3 would create a left outer join because all records in the many table in the relationship would display. What would happen if all the data were in one table? Would that make it easier to search? Critical Thinking: What would the query result be if option button 3 were selected in Figure ? Assign a Project: Divide the class into small groups.

Assign each group a different database. Ask students to create sample questions that would rely on data from more than one table. Access Instructors Manual Page 7 of Quick Quiz: 1 What is a form? Answer: a formatted document with fields that contain data. When you export query results to a worksheet, the query is run against the current Access database.

Once the data is exported to Excel, it no longer is linked to the database. Any changes made to the Excel worksheet will not affect the Access database. Quick Quiz: 1 What is a delimited file? Answer: a file in which each record is on a separate line and the fields are separated by a special character, called the delimiter 2 What is a fixed-width file? Answer: a file in which the width of any field is the same on every record. Access Instructors Manual Page 8 of Quick Quiz: 1 You always want to include all possible records.

Answer: F. AC Calculations LECTURE NOTES Explain individual record calculation, group calculation, and calculated field or computed field Use Figures through to describe how to use a calculated field in a query Use Figures and to review the steps to change a caption Define aggregate function and discuss the different built-in functions Use Figures through to review the steps to calculate statistics Use Figures through to describe how to use criteria in calculating statistics Use Figures and to discuss grouping and review the steps to use grouping.

When more than one mathematical operator appears in an expression, multiplication and division are performed before addition and subtraction. To change the order of precedence, use parentheses. Make sure students understand that only field names must be enclosed in brackets.

If constants, such as. Point out to students that storing data that easily can be calculated from other fields wastes space. It also makes the database more difficult to maintain.