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The three default themes for Outlook are not visually appealing. As a matter of fact, they give me a headache. I prefer dark background with light foreground, which gives a high /54728.txt. I have searched for a better theme with no avail. Please guide me to a better theme, or please, please, release a new set of themes. To change the color scheme you may follow the steps mentioned:.

I understand the concern regarding Office color scheme not available as expected. Microsoft is collecting microsoft office 2013 dark theme download free download from customers regarding the Office user interface. They are actively looking into the concerns raised by the customers.

As of now there are no updates available for color scheme change of Office I would suggest you to post your feedback in the link microsoft office 2013 dark theme download free download. I hope the above suggestions help.

Let us know if you need further assistance on this issue. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this microsoft office 2013 dark theme download free download help. Thanks for your feedback. I feel sorry for you Anula, having to defend an indefensible monopolistic corporate policy that lazily disregards and abuses its customer base. Too lazy to do proper research or simply decided to ignore it since they already new the impact?

It’s people like you who cope the “feedback” while the people who came up with this “BRIGHT” idea are too busy collecting the money and patting themselves on the back to ever burden themselves with feedback. Sadly this is перейти на страницу typical of software companies today, now we have fast processors and big hard drives they got lazy and frankly the quality of output is not just wasteful it is darn-right amateurish.

Hopefully Microsoft continue their contrary behaviour and leave the door open for someone with a quality product to gain some market share; I for one will continue to try alternates.

Its been over a year, I don’t believe you have not get enough complaints about this. I am sorry but seems junk people has developed their base at Читать статью. They don’t care about customer’s feedback.

Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Thank you, Robert Smith. This thread is locked.

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question детальнее на этой странице Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Previous Next. Anula D’Souza. Thank you. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to Anula D’Souza’s post on July 13, Microsoft should develop more themes for their office microsoft office 2013 dark theme download free download.

The Windows operating systems have allowed users to download themes for their desktops that include different pictures, colors, по этому адресу sounds, much like the downloadable themes for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. That should be applied to Microsoft’s Office applications also. It’s nice that they added microsoft office 2013 dark theme download free download ability to change the appearance from plain white by adding two different shades of gray, and now you can also add a design, however the preset options are still limited.

The Outlook WebApp even has more options to choose from, including more colorful options with different patterns.

My primary email ссылка на страницу Gmail, and they even offer different themes. I’ve started using Outlook to be able to access my university email without having to navigate through a web browser, but that’s where the appeal to Outlook ends. I would never utilize it for my Gmail account. I like to be able to customize applications, especially the ones that I frequently use, but while shades of детальнее на этой странице are an improvement, that’s still incredibly depressing.

With the previous version of Office, I used black, and that’s not even an option any more. I know that designing these applications are по этому сообщению and the primary focus of microsoft office 2013 dark theme download free download designers is on function and utility, but visual appearance and customization does mean something for users, and I would think that implementing a variety of downloadable themes for these applications wouldn’t be overly complicated, especially since Microsoft already offers downloadable desktop themes through the Microsoft website.

Anna in Texas. Just “upgraded”?? I did find where could change Unread messages to a decent color, but my read messages are a dismal grey. I want black, not grey for my contrast color. Whoever came up with these color schemes must of been raised in a Former East Block Country, with really good eye sight Found color options for the Calendar.

Good Luck WH Australia. O to the Z. Absolutely hideous! I want my ultra dark theme from Office back!!! In reply to KulSai’s post on December 18, This stupid themes drive me nut and make one a psycho case. Believe we the people of this earth need to have one more player in the market. The above link is not working. My company has changed over to O and I have at least 2 dozen employees that are frustrated with the lack of contrast with the three themes that are offered. Please post my displeasure to the proper feedback area.

Please let us know when a change may be forthcoming. Lancs Dave. In reply to GaryRezendes’s post on March 6, LIke Gary, I found the feedback link does not connect.

That is not encouraging. Also like Gary and many vmware player for 10 free download the lack of colour and differentiation of the 3 available colur schemes.

Office is a good product but it doesnt appear as if Microsoft really want to develop customer engagement any longer. This forum uses colour – why can’t users have options for the products they use for large portions of the day!

Come on Microsoft – please. Pretty please! This site in other languages x.


Microsoft office 2013 dark theme download free download.Office Themes and colors – Microsoft Community


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