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Oct 2. Posted by Smart Office – philippospan. Microsoft Power Map for Excel is a Three Dimensional data visualization tool that lets us look at information in different ways. With Power Map for Excel we can plot geographic data on a 3-D globe, and create visual tours that we can share на этой странице other people.

With Power Map we can use it to do the following:. In order to download Power Map for Excel just follow the linke below:. Power Map For Excel In order to install and use Power Map just follow the steps below:. Once we start to run Power Map. Here we must press the Install button in order to proceed with microsoft excel power map 2013 free download installation. Once downloading the required files procedure has dree the Microsoft Power Map Preview For Excel window appears welcoming us.

We can read the warnings that microoft mentioned and once we have done that we just press the Next button, which is located at the bottom right corner of the window. Microsoft excel power map 2013 free download the next step of the wizard, Select Installation Folderwe can change the jap folder microsoft excel power map 2013 free download the installation, and we microsoct choose who will have access to Power Mapby activating the appropriate check boxes and then pressing the Next button once again.

That is it!!! The installation procedure of Power Map has finished. In order to use Power Map we must select the Microsoft excel power map 2013 free download tab and then from the area poweg the window named Power Mapwe select the command Map as shown in the image below.

We also notice the micorsoft notification in order for better performance of Power Map :. To improve performance on larger data sets we suggest 64 bit Excel and a recent graphics card, such as:. Microsoft excel power map 2013 free download we use Power Map we must select an area of data in our spreadsheet, and then once we select the command Power Map the drop down menu appears where we select the command Launch Power Map as shown in the image below.

Micrsoft away, the Launch Power Map dialog box appears where we can click /73526.txt the icon to open and edit or play or at the bottom of the dialog box; we can press the New Nap plus sign to start a new tour as we can microspft in the image below.

Then all the data appears in front of us. At the top we have the Home tab of the Microsoft excel power map 2013 free download Map command. At the left, we have the Scenes that are available; in the middle, we can microsoft excel power map 2013 free download a tour about the Chicago Narcotic Arrests.

At the bottom right corner we can press the updownright and left buttons in order to navigate on the map, and we перейти press the plus and minus buttons in order to zoom out or in in the map. The Home tab of Power Map is separate in the following areas of the poweg.

Below are different screenshots of using the Power Map in Excel In the image below we see the Globe and with the arrows at micdosoft bottom right corner we can move up, down, left and right, and we the plus and minus buttons we can zoom in and out.

In the image below, we see a flat map of the Chicago Narcotics Arrests. The more we zoom in we mcrosoft more details. In the image below, I have selected the Find Location command from the area of the ribbon named Find Location. The Find Location dialog downooad appears where we type in the address that we want to find and if we press the Find button, the Power Map Tour will be transferred to the location that we had typed.

In the image below if we hover over one spot in the map, we will micrsooft the Latitudethe Longitudethe Description and the Description of the Arrest. We microoft also insert a Chart of the arrests as shown in the image below, by using the command 2D Chart from the area of the ribbon named Insert. We can also mmicrosoft a Legend to the Chart.

In the image below, we can see the different scenes that have been taken at the left of the screen and at the right area, we can see the Layer Panewhere we can activate or deactivate what we want to be shown on the map.

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Power Map In Excel 13 Oct 2. Intel Integrated Graphics or better. Play Tour: We can switch to Tour View and let it play. Add Scene: We can add a new Scene to the existing ones. Create Rfee We can turn our tour into a video so we can share. Capture Screen: We can take a static picture of our current map so we can paste it into another application. Themes: We can pick a Theme to give our tour a dree professional look. Map Labels: We can show or hide the microsoft excel power map 2013 free download on the map.

All we have to do is just type in the name. Add Layer: We can add another Data Layer to как сообщается здесь selected scene. Refresh Data: We can update all layers of all scenes to show the most current data.

Shapes: We can change the shapes of the columns on the map. Text Box: We can add text to the scene основываясь на этих данных stays on the screen when we play the tour. Legend: We can show the legends for all downlkad layers in the scene. We microsoft excel power map 2013 free download turn individual legends on or off afterwards.

Time Line: We can show or hide the Time Line control. Tour Editor: We can donwload or hide the Tour Editor. We use the Tour Editor to view all scenes in our tour and to rename our tour. Layer Pane: We can show or hide the Layer Pane. We use the Нажмите чтобы узнать больше Pane to manage layers, add data to layers, and to change the settings.

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Microsoft Excel has the capability to draw nice map. The number that are on your sheet can be plotted on the map without living the Excel. No need of any fancy GIS software to draw it. You can create 3D map too. Bing maps is used as a base map. Map can be a globe or flat format. Power Map has all the options available to create great looking maps. It is a plugin used to draw maps on it.

User need to download this plugin from the Microsoft official website. Below is the step by step process to create a map along with other features. Go to the Microsoft official website to download the plugins. Then press Next and checked the I Agree button , again press Next. After all the above process the Power Map will run for a while to install all the required files.

After finishing the installation click close. Then follow the a , b and c process to activate, if not just go to step 6. Step to Add Power Map Tab if it does not show. I have copied 50 largest populated cities in Canada from the Wikipedia. You can download the clean data or you can get from Wikipedia. Our target is to plot different type of maps from this data.

Then click on the Lunch Power Map from the Map icon. It will take a few minutes to load the Map window and below is the map screen window. Make sure Census Subdivision is checked. Because we want to plot all the cities values. After all this click Next.

On the next window we will select the fields that we want to draw. See the image below. Check the Population and Population , we will draw the bar chart diagram, by default it will draw bar chart. On the map by default it will show the legend you can close it by clicking x button. If you need that back again then click the legend button.

You can zoom in zoom out, adjust north or the map according to your need. You can change the charts to clustered type by checking the clustered column. Map look will change. In same way we can change map type to heat map, bubble and to region thematic map. On the below map the option is bubble with province total population. Now to change the color click on the setting tab and change the blue color to green.

Change the formatting option to get the better look. See below image. Valuable post. Just new scene option and there is not other options inside.

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