Microsoft excel 2016 skills test upwork answers free download.Test coverage and Format


Microsoft excel 2016 skills test upwork answers free download.Excel 2016 test


1-2. Intermediate Excel Shortcuts Test – Excel Hotkeys.Odesk Quiz Answers: Upwork Microsoft Excel Skill Test Answers


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Microsoft excel 2016 skills test upwork answers free download.Microsoft Office Skills Test | Computer Skills | ExpertRating Online Assessments


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Pages Home. Microsoft Excel Skills Test Answer Question: 1. This question is based upon the figure shown below. Consider the Excel sheet given in the image. It will return an error because the formula is incorrect. Answer: d. Question: 3. Consider the given image for the following question. There are red triangles in the upper-right corner of each cell under the column titled ‘Class’. What do they signify? They represent that the cells are containing formatted data.

They represent that some data validation is associated with the cells. They represent that the comments are associated with the cells. They represent that the cells cannot be edited. Answer: c. Question: 4 This question is based upon the figure shown below. Question: 5 While using cell references with multiple worksheets in Microsoft Excel , which of the following options is the correct absolute cell reference that must be used for cell B2 on a sheet named ‘Sheet5’? B2 Answer: c.

Question: 6 Which of the following Microsoft Excel functions is used in order to return the serial number that is used for representing the date, which is the indicated number of months before or after a specified date? EDATE b. Question: 7. Which of the following keyboard shortcuts is used for achieving the strikethrough effect as shown in the given image? Question: 8. Question: 9. Which of the following options can be copied using the format painter in Microsoft Excel ?

Background color. Cell text. None of the above. Question: It will throw an error. Answer: b. Suppose that you have a table in a worksheet of Microsoft Excel workbook, as shown in the image.

Which of the following output is obtained if you select the table and check the Total Row option under the Design tab? By default, how many worksheets are there in a new Microsoft Excel workbook? Answer: a. Which of the following functions is used for providing the decimal number of the time represented by a text string? In Microsoft Excel , when do we receive a ” Value! Only option i is correct. Only options i and ii are correct.

Only options ii and iii are correct. All options i , ii and iii are correct. Which of the following keyboard shortcuts is used to display or hide the ribbon in Microsoft Excel ?

By default, all cell references in Microsoft Excel are:. What will happen if you enter XYZ1 in a cell and drag the fill handle down?

It will fill XYZ1 in all the cells that are dragged through. Which of the following options is the correct keyboard shortcut for accessing the backstage view in Microsoft Excel ? In Microsoft Excel , which of the following tabs will you click for accessing the View Macros option?

Consider the data given in the image. This is a Book. This Is A Book. This is a book. It will throw an error because the formula cannot contain cell reference. Question: 22 This question is based upon the figure shown below. Both options a and b. Which of the following options can be used for checking the protection status of a file in Microsoft Excel ? Question: 27 The IT security department of Mark’s organization has decided that only digitally signed macros will be allowed in Microsoft Excel Which of the following is the correct way to restrict the unsigned macros?

Question: 28 In Microsoft Excel , which of the following options provides a user the access to options such as Share, Export, Account, Publish, etc.? Ribbon b. View tab c. Backstage View d. Page Layout tab Answer: c.