Horizontal zoom logic pro x free download.The Simplest Way To Use Logic Pro X With Zoom


Horizontal zoom logic pro x free download.Logic Pro for PC and Mac


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Hello Logic users, Mike here. You can even select several parts, or even notes inside the piano roll editor, then use Z to quickly zoom into the selection. This will always take you back to the previous zoom stage, and you can go back several steps in case you zoomed in many levels. This will zoom the height of the selected track, but not the width. Which can be nice for seeing the waveform more clearly horizontal zoom logic pro x free download audio parts for example.

Another benefit is that when this is toggled on, you can simply select another track in your project, which then will be zoomed in height. Sometimes you will want to zoom into a specific section of your song, and that is when the zoom to fit locators can come in handy.

The cycle area does not have to be turned on for ссылка to work, you simply need to make sure your left and right locators are placed where you want them. Because sometimes you will mess up the zoom, and knowing that you can always use this command to go back to the previous zoom setting, in several steps, can be a blessing many times. If you hold horizontal zoom logic pro x free download the command key while you drag the bottom of a track up or down, you will set the default track height on all tracks.

This will also set all tracks to that zoom level in height, in case you had different track heights in your projects previously. If you want to zoom the height vertical zoom in steps in or out, you simply hold down the command key while pressing the up or down arrow.

If you want to zoom the height horizontal zoom in steps in or out, you simply hold down the command key while pressing the left or right arrow. If you have a trackpad you can hold down the option key while you two-finger-swipe up or down to zoom in or out of your project in height vertical zoom. If you have a trackpad you can hold down the option как сообщается здесь while you two-finger-swipe left or right to zoom in or out of your project in height horizontal zoom.

Feel free to Bookmark horizontal zoom logic pro x free download Page for future reference! Zoom to Selection or All Content Z The main way to zoom into a selected part in your project is to use the key command Z.

If nothing is selected when you press Z this key command will zoom to fit all content. Go to Top.


Horizontal zoom logic pro x free download.The Simplest Way To Use Logic Pro X With Zoom


Time is precious and the programmers of Logic Pro know that, so virtually all aspects of the software can be controlled by your keyboard; it can virtually become a control monitor. Used in combination with the letter keys they make up the majority of key commands but I know you know that already.

This is pain because you either have to scroll endlessly to find the position you were looking for in the first place or zoom out and start again. When zooming on a selected region the top left of that region always remains visable even if your zooming vertically, horizontally or both. If the playhead is not visable Logic will zoom in retaining the center window position. This is useful to know so as not to end up with the same issues I used to have, zooming in on the wrong place!

If you have a trackpad either on a laptop or stand alone trackpad you can use two fingers by pinching outwards to zoom in and inwards to zoom out. Got that? If you have a region selected when using horizontal zoom the window will zoom in on that region. This is useful if you want to zoom on a region to edit or on the play head set at a location you want to work in. Another way of zooming vertically and horizontally is to use the Apple key along with the arrows keys.

Apply Plus up and down zooms vertically. If you want to zoom in on a region to edit use the key. Select the region and it allows you to instantly zoom in. By hitting the key for a second time the project will zoom back out again.

You can highlight a number of regions hit Z and the project will zoom in on the highlighted areas. Hit Z again and it will reset back to where you previously were. You will need to backtrack multiple times to get back to your original position.

Another really useful Zoom feature that is often overlooked but one that I personally find useful is zooming with the playhead. To do this simply click on the lower section of the ruler but I find it easier and more consistent to click and hold the very top of the playhead where the triangular head is, then hold option and drag the pointer down to zoom in and drag the pointer up to zoom out. This is perfect if you need to quickly zoom in and out around the playhead. Zoom in, edit and zoom out to continue on the project!

Moving along and scrolling around the project is another useful way of getting from A to B I use Shift in combination with the Scroll Wheel so that I can scroll along to wherever I need to be. Personally I find this a really useful way of getting around. A great way to move quickly from one part of a project to another is using Go To Position.

In this case bar 4, next hit ok and the playhead will jump to bar 4. A quick and easy way to effortlessly make big leaps around a project. If you want to quickly move a region to where the playhead is simply hit ; key.

Titting ; moves a region to where ever the playhead is. One of my biggest frustrations was setting up a Cycle Region and then wanting to listen to a part of the session that was outside of the cycle area. You can double click along the ruler area to play from wherever you want to, which can be useful. All you do is select the region or regions you want to play from and whilst holding shift hit the spacebar and Logic will start to play from that region!

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