Change microsoft office 2010 product key command line free download.Downloading Microsoft Office 2010 using product key.


Change microsoft office 2010 product key command line free download.Change your Office product key


Find license keys for Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016 and Office 2019 via a script.Microsoft Office product key prompt – Microsoft Community


What if you want to change it later? If you got your keys before 1st May they might not allow you to use all the features of the product as it seems there was some mix up with product keys for Terminal Services rather than full product ones. Find the entry for Office and choose to change the installation not remove.

The very porduct screen of the install wizard gives you a bunch of options, simply choose the one to enter /63883.txt product key as shown below:.

Assuming your key is valid the message disappears and the button is activated so you can carry on. This is much clearer than the previous method for Office where the last character simply did not appear on screen while it was validating, there was just a mysterious wait and then the character appeared along with a green tick or not, if it was invalid. Incidentally when you do install Office if you need to keep your previous version and have a valid licence to do so, ie your Office is not an upgrade licence which effectively replaces your previous copy.

In the KB article it also lists an alternative method to change your product key using the Office Client Software License Management Tool — a VBS file which is already on your machine as part of the original install, for which there is an accompanying html file with usage instructions and notes. If you have the 32 bit version on a 64 bit platform the file you need to look at would be here:. The files to look for in here are OSPP. So, the simple usage for switching to a new product key and then re-activating your copy of Office is as described in the KB article the only differences here being the x86 in the path in the latter two commands downpoad.

If you are using the x86 version of Office Professional Plus on an x64 version of Windows operating system, follow these steps:. This can be mey if you are having activation problems and need to make sure you have not used the same key twice on different machines in error, or if you are trying to maintain records and have rree huge list страница licence codes from various purchases and want to know which ones are used where and perhaps which are not yet used at all.

Of course, for large businesses you should be looking at volume licensing and simplifying this a lot, but many medium sized businesses may not be in a position to do that, yet need to control their spending and show they have good records of their software offive use. Notice that you can use the ospp. Maybe you installed Office on more than one computer and then realised you had accidentally put the same key into more than offce machine which would prevent activation from working properlyand you now need to put the right code in.

Of course, you might also need to change microsoft office 2010 product key command line free download the product key to stay properly within the terms of the Адрес страницы licence since that only allows commsnd to evaluate the product, not use it long term to actually run your business.

You can either buy a regular licence to get a code, or if you bought and installed Office between March 5th and September 30th you can go to the Office Technology Guarantee site and get a product key for an equivalent version of Office In all other cases the version you get is the microsogt or a small step up from the version — most Office suites now include OneNote for example, so this will be an additional program for free.

What happens if my Office upgrade does not include some of the programs in my Change microsoft office 2010 product key command line free download suite?

The following programs are not eligible for a upgrade, even if they are included in your Office suite:. Office will not uninstall these programs. If your Office suite includes these programs and you change microsoft office 2010 product key command line free download to continue using them after you upgrade to Officedo not uninstall them before you install Office officd Customers who have an Office suite that includes Outlook with Business Contact Manager will be able to download Business Contact Manager separately at no additional cost.

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Change microsoft office 2010 product key command line free download.Free Microsoft Office Product Key for You


If you bought multiple copies of Office and used the same Install button to install Office on multiple PCs, activation fails on the other PCs.

This happens because each Install button is associated with a unique product key that can only be installed on one PC. To fix this, you can change the product key for the other PCs where you installed Office.

Note: After you change your product key, we recommend that you create a list to manage the product keys that you’ve installed. To learn how, see Manage multiple one-time-purchase Office installs that use the same Microsoft account. Select your Office version below. On the device where you want to change the key, open any Office app, select the File menu and then select Account near the bottom of the menu.

Under Product Information , select the Change License button. If there is no Change License button, you may need to install Office updates. If you’re signed in, select Use a different account , and then select Enter product key instead. Enter your Office or Office product key, and then select Install this product instead. Uninstall Office from the PC where activation is failing.

To do this, see Uninstall from a PC. Reinstall Office by selecting Install Office for a one-time purchase that hasn’t been activated. To switch an Office install to or from Microsoft , see Switch your Office license. After you sign in, you should see a list of Office products that are associated with your Microsoft account.

For the first product that’s listed on the page, select View product key. Copy or write down the product key. This is likely the product key that was used multiple times to install Office. Select View product key for the remaining Office products and copy or write them down.

These are likely the keys that you’ll use to replace the key that was used multiple times. Select the Start button lower-left corner. Right-click the Command Prompt icon, and select Run as administrator. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator. From the drop-down list below, select your Office version and Windows version bit or bit and run the commands as described.

Tip: If you get an Input Error: Can not find script file Double-check your Office and Windows versions and try a different command. Copy the following command, paste the command into the Command Prompt window, and then press Enter.

The command prompt displays the last five characters of the product key that was used to install Office on the PC. Copy the following command, paste the command into the Command Prompt window, and replace XXXXX with the last 5 digits of the product key that was shown in the previous step. Press Enter to remove the product key. Press Enter to change the key.

If you don’t know which Office version is installed, see What version of Office am I using? To check whether Windows is installed as 32 or 64 bits, see Which Windows operating system am I running? Do one of the following: If you’re signed in, select Use a different account , and then select Enter product key instead.

If you’re not signed in, select Enter product key instead. If your product key is new, follow the prompts to complete the redemption process. Office begins the update process. Close all Office apps to finish the process. Type Command Prompt.

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